Double layered cake with Cherries and Raspberry!


✮3 eggs (medium size)

✮180 g sugar 

✮200 ml milk

✮200 ml oil

✮370 g flour

✮2 table spoon of starch 

✮1 table spoon of baking soda

✮1 table spoon vanillin extract 

✮Fruit of your choice

For topping:

✮250 g cream cheese

✮1 egg (medium size)

✮55 g sugar


✮Mix flour, baking soda and starch in a bowl and put it aside.

✮Whisk egg, sugar and vanillin extract until it starts to become foamy and bubbly. (Around 2-3 minutes)

✮Pour oil and milk in the mixture and mix it.

✮Add the flour mixture and mix it slowly. 

✮Spread the cake dough onto the baking tray and then add the fruits.


✮Mix cream cheese, sugar and egg until the mixture becomes smooth.

✮Spread it onto the fruits. So, it will create a double layer cake.  


✮Bake the cake for 40 minutes in 180 degrees preheated oven. 

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    Spectacular recipe ❗️I made this for 7 my starving kids while listening to God’s Menu by Stray Kids. They said that this was the best cake I have ever made in my entire motherhood. At first I wasnt planning to eat it because I’m on a vegan diet, but just because I thought the kids were exaggerating I ate a piece.
    Then the feeling euphoria kicked in, the flavors were melting on my tongue. Thank you dearly for this recipe, honey.
    I hope you will post the recipe for your kookies 😜

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