Can human mind be replaced with a robot?

Hello everyone! I have recently watched a video from WIRED UK which really impressed me and I want to share what it is about and my general opinion about the topic. Here is the link if you want to watch it first before I start: 

In short, the video talks about the future of our kitchen by saying that even robots may be involved when it comes to cooking in our homes. That chef robot we see in the video is obviously capable of doing several things like a real human. In the future I believe that many robots, like the one in the video, will be used in lots of areas -such as marketing, architecture, engineering, and even in education. 

Well, it is obvious that chef robot can do several things while cooking -like it is mentioned in the video. Despite its mechanical skills, I don’t really think that a human chef can be replaced with a robot chef. What I mean here is that using a chef robot would only help people by reducing the amount of work that needs to be done. I cannot imagine that some robot would be capable of thinking creatively like a human mind or using some techniques that involves creativity on the basis. 

Do you really think that we will be replaced with a robot on our job areas in the future? If you think so, will robots be as good as human mind? You can discuss with me about this topic on the comments section below. 

Janset Tetik

24 Mar 2022

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