• Recipe

    Double layered cake with Cherries and Raspberry!

    Ingredients: ✮3 eggs (medium size) ✮180 g sugar  ✮200 ml milk ✮200 ml oil ✮370 g flour ✮2 table spoon of starch  ✮1 table spoon of baking soda ✮1 table spoon vanillin extract  ✮Fruit of your choice For topping: ✮250 g cream cheese ✮1 egg (medium size) ✮55 g sugar Preparation: ✮Mix flour, baking soda and starch in a bowl and put it aside. ✮Whisk egg, sugar and vanillin extract until it starts to become foamy and bubbly. (Around 2-3 minutes) ✮Pour oil and milk in the mixture and mix it. ✮Add the flour mixture and mix it slowly.  ✮Spread the cake dough onto the baking tray and then add…